I decided to start this blog after my son was diagnosed with food allergies. For the first seven months of his life he suffered with terrible eczema and after a trip to the ER we found out he is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, sesame and peanuts. As a parent of a child with food allergies it is a constant emotional rollercoaster. I have cried at grocery stores, at birthday parties and at night. He has had the Epi injection twice and spent too much time in the ER.

Current allergies: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree nuts
Outgrew: Sesame, Soy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milk and Eggs

A few people asked me why do I avoid milk and eggs to be a vegan.  The first thing that always comes to mind is that it's because it comes from an animal.  Someone recently said, but you aren't killing the animal for it's eggs or milk. True, but most are tortured for their milk and eggs.  You are taking eggs from a chicken that has never seen the light of day. You are taking milk from a grieving mother whose baby was taken away.  Another response was, so why not just go organic? Because it only means that it may be free of hormones.  Doesn’t mean the cow is raising her baby and the chicken is roaming around Ackers of grass.  Most of these animals are fed corn instead of grass to make them grow bigger, fatter and faster.  There are so few farms that feed their cows grass. 

I hope everyone takes the time to do their own research and perhaps watch a film or two. It really is an eye opener. I don’t know everything and some of my information is probably wrong since I’m pretty new in this but every day I learn something new and every day I am more excited to be a vegan.

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