I decided to start this blog after my son was diagnosed with food allergies. For the first seven months of his life he suffered with terrible eczema and after a trip to the ER we found out he is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, sesame and peanuts. As a parent of a child with food allergies it is a constant emotional rollercoaster. I have cried at grocery stores, at birthday parties and at night. He has had the Epi injection twice and spent too much time in the ER.

Current allergies: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree nuts
Outgrew: Sesame, Soy

Friday, June 24, 2011

Food allergies to the extreme

When I think of food allergies, I think of a child not being able to eat one or two or even 8 types of foods.  Never do I think about those kids that are allergic to most foods and have one or a couple safe foods they can eat. And if they do eat something they aren't suppose to, they get violently sick.  It's crazy to me to think how much food can hurt a person. Food is suppose to be nourishment, not a killer.

This video makes me so sad and I would love to see him eat pasta or something simple. But It's also overwhelming (probably my pregnant hormones) to see him so happy.  He looks like such a wonderful little boy and seems to still be full of joy, like a boy his age should be. 

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