I decided to start this blog after my son was diagnosed with food allergies. For the first seven months of his life he suffered with terrible eczema and after a trip to the ER we found out he is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, sesame and peanuts. As a parent of a child with food allergies it is a constant emotional rollercoaster. I have cried at grocery stores, at birthday parties and at night. He has had the Epi injection twice and spent too much time in the ER.

Current allergies: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree nuts
Outgrew: Sesame, Soy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things are looking good...

All of these allergies and being a vegan has made me so aware of food. I can't just go to a store and pick up a candy bar at the checkout counter like I use to, that's a good thing. I plan. I review. I imagine. I test. I plan even more. There is a level of dedication and inspiration that comes with having a child with allergies. I wish he could eat more but at the same time it made me a healthier and more aware person.

I took Aiden to a nutritionist last week because even though I had found amazing recipes on line and have been cooking like I'm a topnotch chef, it's still not enough. He's very picky and doesn't want to try new things. The nutritionist gave me good ideas and some that actually worked. She gave me a meal plan which I sort of laughed when I saw it since there is NO WAY Aiden will try half of these things. But if he can at least like 10% from that list than that is a huge success.

One of the ideas she gave me is Almond butter. I knew all along that Aiden had a peanut allergy, not almond but I was still scared so I avoided it but she told me how healthy it can be so I gave it a try. I went to Mrs. Greens that night and got a tube of fresh almond butter and gave it a try. He tried it but quickly pushed it away. Not interested. So I took two pieces of Chex cereal and made it a sandwich with almond butter in between and gave it another try. He loved it! I though he was going to bite my finger off for more. So I started putting almond butter on a slice of pizza dough and again -he loved it!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I tried sting beans with the intention he will hate it and he actually ate some! Still no meat, which I'm secretly happy about. Eden pasta is still a huge success and he eats it daily. But at least now it’s not the only thing he eats.

Another suggestion was to add flax seeds into his oatmeal which I have been doing and he doesn’t even notice the difference. Extra snacks which should always include some veggies and fruits. And no snacks one hour before/after his main mails. I also had to limit his milk. That was the hardest part but it took a few days and he’s now on 20 to 24 oz of milk per day (from about 40). This increased his appetite tremendously. He also started sleeping through the night so he’s no longer getting calories at night. Things are looking good.

My happy little boy..
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