I decided to start this blog after my son was diagnosed with food allergies. For the first seven months of his life he suffered with terrible eczema and after a trip to the ER we found out he is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, sesame and peanuts. As a parent of a child with food allergies it is a constant emotional rollercoaster. I have cried at grocery stores, at birthday parties and at night. He has had the Epi injection twice and spent too much time in the ER.

Current allergies: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree nuts
Outgrew: Sesame, Soy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fatty foods for kids with allergies

One of the most common worries from moms that have children with food allergies, (other than a reaction) is... is my child getting enough fat. Is he thriving. Is he gaining weightWe are always looking for ways to fatten up our kids and make sure they are eating a balanced meal.

Even my super picky eater gets enough fat on most days

This list provides healthy fatty foods.

Probably Aiden's favorite. He eats about 1/2 an avocado a day and it's made into guacamole (a little minced onion, tomato, salt, lime juice). he eats it in a guacamole dish and on a "safe" chip.

It's not really that fatty but I add extra olive oil when making it.  Most hummus has Sesame in the ingredients (aka Tahini), so be careful there is no sesame allergy. Aiden was allergic to sesame for the first year and we were able to find Tahini free hummus at Trader Joes.  It's also super simple to make hummus yourself so you know what's in it.

Sunbutter/Peanut Butter/Almond butter/Pea butter
Depending on the allergy. Sunbutter is probably the safest. Aiden can have almonds so we use almond butter from a fresh grinding machine (no cross contamination).

Depending on the allergy. We are milk/soy free so we use "So Delicious" yogurts. They are rediculously delicious and work great in baked goods (I love to bake with yogurt, makes the cakes much more moist)

You can get so creative with smoothies.  I use almond milk or yogurt, but anything works. I add 1 teaspoon of flaxseed meal to every smoothie.  In the summer I use fresh fruit and in the winter I use Trader Joe's frozen berry mix.

Olive Oil / Safe butter
I put olive oil on everything. Bread, pasta, nuggets... I always cook in either olive oil or the earths best (red container) butter.

I'm not a fan of this but it is fatening and even though I don't eat meat, I do make it for Aiden. He eats Tyson chicken nuggets almost every day.   There are many lean meats that are super fatening.

Depending on the allergy. We are suspecting some fish allergies so we avoid all until further testing.

He just turned two!  My "big" man :)

if you think of any other good fats, please let me know 

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  1. Getting enough 'good fats' in my son's diet has always been an issue for me. Nuts and seeds are out as are fish and shellfish. Therefore, I give him flax oil and evening primrose oil, douse his pasta with extra virgin olive oil, add it to his rice, and brush it on toast and pizza. I would like to try avacado and now that he has been tested for chick peas and passed, I can make him hummus (minus the sesame). I have been making an edamame dip for him but he gets tired of it. Have made him smoothies, should try them again too. Thanks! Susan H. @ the food allergy chronicles